Music in schools: wider still, and wider. Good practice case study Churchfields Junior School

This good practice video for Churchfields Junior School includes 'Wider Opportunities' work and singing work in Key Stage 2, including use of the Curwen-Kodaly hand signs.The film exemplifies good practice in music teaching and the curriculum which meet the needs of all groups of learners.Further information can be found in our report Music in schools: wider still, and wider case studies that we publish highlight specific examples of practice that providers of education, learning and children's services have used to achieve successful outcomes. The case studies Ofsted publishes do not recommend a single particular approach to teaching and learning. Ofsted has no preferred lesson structure or teaching style. We showcase and share a wide range of approaches that providers have found work well for them in achieving good outcomes for children, young people and learners.Do you have any feedback on this video? Please complete our feedback survey: can view more good practice at:

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