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  • Preventing accidents at home

    Find out how to make your home childproof and prevent avoidable accidents.
  • Bike it

    Watch how London primary schoolchildren learn about road safety and the many benefits of cycling to school.Learn more about cycling safely:http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness/pages/cycling.aspx
  • Heart attack: real story

    Mike Smith has had three heart attacks, the first around 15 years ago. As he nears 60 and enjoys life to the full, he explains how the attacks affected him and how his recovery was different for each ...
  • Why walk?

    Walking has many benefits. Watch the video to find out more...
  • Swimming in your 90s

    Ada Gibson was in her late 70s before she learned how to swim. Today at 92, Ada likes nothing better than exercising in her local pool. Also visit our section about exercise without a gym http://www.n...
  • Sebastian Coe: get active

    Former Olympic medallist Lord Coe shows how easy it is to incorporate exercise into a daily routine.
  • 'Moonwalk' marathon

    Find out why 15,000 women - and some men - got out their bras and walked 26miles through the London night. Get more information about breast cancer: http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cancer-of-the-breast-...
  • Children with diabetes

    Parents describe how they deal with a diabetic child including daily routines such as insulin injections and how children can life live to the full.
  • Prostate cancer

    An expert explains the symptoms and treatment options available. Phillip Kissi describes his experience of being diagnosed with prostate cancer
  • First aid: vinyl gloves

    An expert explains under what circumstances vinyl gloves should be warn, their use and how to take them off properly.
  • Walking to school

    Nina from Cornwall tried walking her two children to school instead of driving. Find out about staying safe when walking to school:http://www.nhs.uk/livewell/roadsafety/pages/pedestrians.aspx
  • Smear test

    A smear test is a screening method to detect pre-cancerous cells. A gynaecologist explains what the test involves, why and how often you should have it.
  • Atherosclerosis

    A cardiologist explains what atherosclerosis is, how it affects the body, the risk factors involved, prevention and treatment.
  • First aid: wipes and dressings

    How to use alcohol-free dressings on minor wounds and how to apply plasters
  • First aid: triangular bandage

    The triangular bandage is used for arm injuries. A guide to how to apply it

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