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  • Get fit in Derby

    Exercise can help you look good and feel great. Find out how you can get active in Derby City and Derbyshire. See the different ways people keep fit on the fitness video wall:. http://www.nhs.uk/Tool...
  • Teens and STIs

    If you've had unprotected sex you might have a sexually transmitted infection (STI). See how to find out if you have, how it can be treated, and how it can affect your health. In courtesy of 'Making s...
  • Your local pharmacy

    Pharmacies offer a lot more services than in the past. See what your pharmacist can do for you
  • Crohn's disease

    An expert discusses the symptoms and treatment options for Crohn's disease, an inflammation of the gut.
  • What happens during a colonoscopy?

    How screening for bowel cancer works http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cancer-of-the-colon-rectum-or-bowel/pages/screeningforbowelcancer.aspx A colorectal surgeon explains what happens during a colonoscop...
  • HIV - Mick's story

    Mick Mason was infected with HIV, hepatitis B and hepatitis C through contaminated blood products 25 years ago. He describes the effects and side effects of treatment, how he copes with the infection,...
  • Birth plan

    A community midwife explains how a birth plan can help women make the right choices before and during labour
  • Choices for labour

    A consultant midwife explains the choices available to women during labour, including pain relief, relaxation and birthing positions.
  • Giving birth in hospital

    An expert explains the benefits of having maternity care in hospitals, and two mothers describe their experiences and reasons for giving birth in hospital.
  • Giving birth at home or at the birth centre

    A midwife explains the alternative options for women who don't want to give birth in hospital, and one mother describes her experience of giving birth at home.
  • Strokes: real stories

    Ordinary people reveal how a stroke affected their lives, how it continues to impact and their individual treatments.
  • CBT: Carol's story

    After her husband died, carol, 73, used cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help her deal with her emotions and boost her confidence.
  • Haemorrhoids expert

    More than 80% of people will have haemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime. An expert describes the symptoms, how the haemorrhoids can be treated and what to do to avoid them in the first place.
  • CBT expert

    A cognitive behaviour therapy expert explains how this psychological treatment works and who could benefit from it.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

    A rheumatologist describes the effects of rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease of the joints, its most common symptoms and the treatment options available.

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