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  • Street dancing

    The Zoonation UK Dance Company demonstrates some fun and easy dance moves to get you up and active and burn some calories.
  • Sex over 60

    Sex doesnt stop when youre 60. Listen to a sexual psychotherapist talk about sexual relationships once youre in your 60s, how the body changes and why it can be better than ever.
  • Playground for the over-60s

    Listen to a group of over-60s talk about how using a playground designed especially for them has helped them keep active, social, confident and independent.Also try our interactive interactive and pri...
  • Anger management

    Has anger become a problem for you? Find out the health and social implications of becoming addicted to anger, and how to recognise signs and manage it. More about coping with anger: http://www.nhs.uk...
  • Belly dancing

    A great all-round exercise, belly dancing can also make you feel happy about your body. Learn some basic dance moves with a Turkish belly dancer.
  • Caring for carers

    If you care for a relative or loved one it's important to take care of yourself, and to have support. Anne Roberts of the charity Crossroads explains the help that's available.
  • Eye tests for adults

    An optometrist explains the importance of eye tests and how to detect symptoms that could lead to problems with your eyesight.
  • Diabetes and eyesight

    A consultant ophthalmologist describes how diabetes can affect your vision and the possible treatments.
  • Gout

    Gout is a recurrent and painful form of arthritis. Find out how it affects the body, the treatments available and why the condition is a warning to look at your whole lifestyle
  • Hepatitis C

    Professor Howard Thomas of Imperial College London explains what Hepatitis C is, how you can become infected and why it's important to detect it early.
  • Heart attack

    A consultant cardiologist explains what a heart attack is, the symptoms, surgical treatments and why it's important for coronary heart disease patients to reduce their risk factors.
  • Walking groups

    Walking is the perfect form of exercise and prevents lots of illnesses such as heart disease. For these ramblers, it's a relaxing antidote to city life.
  • HIV: Clint's story

    Clint was diagnosed with HIV when he was 17. The infection progressed to AIDS within six months, which is unusually rapid. In this video, filmed in 2008, he talks about getting the diagnosis and livin...
  • Glaucoma

    A consultant ophthalmologist explains what glaucoma is, how it can affect your vision and how it can be treated.
  • Gay healthcare

    The challenges and concerns that gay and bisexual men can face when needing to use healthcare services.

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