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Newest munitions disposal vehicle is launched

18 May 07

A state-of-the-art vehicle to help munitions disposal personnel move around safely on operations has been launched by the Specialist and Utility Vehicles Integrated Project Team at Defence Equipment and Support.

Safe movement: the Tellar vehicle, which is soon to go on operations. Opens in a new window.

Safe movement: the Tellar vehicle, which is soon to go on operations.
[Picture: MOD]

The new Disposal and Search Explosives Ordnance Disposal vehicle, called Tellar, will be supplied to the Royal Engineer community and replaces the Land Rover, the current fleet of vehicles being used.

The vehicle carries all equipment required by the end user to undertake conventional munitions disposal. It has also been fitted as an emergency response vehicle (blue light enabled), and is fitted with a mobile phone, force protection suite, a personal address system, and two Global Positioning Systems (GPS): a Bowman radio GPS, and a commercial GPS. It also comes fitted with a level of riot protection.

Each vehicle weighs 9.5 tonnes and costs around £415,000. 18 vehicles have been bought, with 14 to be deployed on operations, and four held in the UK for training and reserves. Tellar will deploy with the Joint Explosives Ordnance Disposal force on both Operations Herrick and Telic in the near future.

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