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IBDS - Integrated Biological Detection System (NBC IPT)

Integrated Biological Detection System (IBDS)

Service - Tri-Service (Joint NBC Regiment)


The UK developed the Prototype Biological Detection System (PBDS) as a UOR for Op BOLTON 1998. Since its introduction, the Military Customer has required a more sophisticated, integrated biological warfare agent detection system to replace PBDS. Its successor will be IBDS, which commenced development in 1999.

IBDS is a world leader in the provision of point detection and identification capability against airborne biological warfare agents.

The system is contained within an ISO container, under a collective protection (COLPRO) environment. The biological detection suite, GPS and meteorological sensors are automated through an intelligent Human Computer Interface (HCI), and is crewed by 4 personnel, self-contained for up to 72 hours.

The equipment is mobile, using a prime mover and supported by an additional ancillary vehicle (6x6 PinzGauer).

Major Milestones/Quantity

50 IBDS will be manufactured and the first 6 systems have been delivered. Industry Prime contractor: INSYS, Ampthill. Bio-Detection suite: Smiths Detection, Watford. HCI: EDS Defence, Hook.

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