SFE: Let your continuing students know it's time to reapply

10 April 2018

It is time for continuing students to reapply for their student finance for academic year 2018/19. Please encourage your students to apply now to make sure their money is ready at the start of their course.

The quickest and easiest way to apply is online at www.gov.uk/studentfinance.

Reapplying for student finance has been made even easier:

  • Students can reapply for student finance at www.gov.uk/studentfinance. Students no longer need to sign and return the Student Finance Declaration like they did before. Students now read the online terms and conditions and re-enter their password to confirm that they agree to them. Once we’ve processed the application we’ll send the Student Finance Entitlement letter.
  • If students applied for Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSAs) last year along with student finance, they won’t need to reapply for DSAs every year. If they only applied for DSAs last year we’ll send them the form to reapply. If they're applying for DSAs for the first time, they will need to download the form from www.gov.uk/studentfinance or let us know and we’ll send them a copy.
  • Students will need to register at university or college. We can’t pay until they do!
  • Applications for student finance need to be made by Friday 22 June 2018. Applications made after this date might result in students not receiving all their money in time for the start of the course.

Remember to bookmark our website to access the latest information and resources www.practitioners.slc.co.uk.