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Communications for Student Finance Wales students: application messages, product specific reminders, social media surgery alerts and more.

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SFW: Let your continuing students know it's time to reapply


It is time for continuing students to reapply for their student finance for academic year 2018/19. Please encourage your students to apply now to make sure their money is ready at the start of their course.

Help SFW students get their money on time


It’s important your students know what steps to take to get their student finance in time for the start of their course.

Help support SFW students going through Clearing


If you’ve got students going through Clearing, you can help them by explaining what they need to do to get paid correctly and as quickly as possible.

Student Finance Wales 2015/16 part-time students can apply now


It’s time for part-time students studying in Wales to apply for their student finance so make sure you visit our website today to order our ready-made application packs.

2015/16 Student Finance Wales full-time deadline is approaching - students should apply now


If you work with students who are starting or continuing on a full-time course at university or college this autumn, please remind them to apply for their student finance now.

Continuing full-time students should apply now for AY 2015/16!


Students returning to full-time studies in the 2015/16 academic year should now apply for their finance.