Glasgow band chance their arm and land gig warming up crowd for rock legend Alice Cooper

A Glasgow alternative rock band has landed a gig warming up the crowd for rock legend Alice Cooper, after a chance email enquiry to the promoters.

07 November 2017

The quartet Neon Hurricane, who formed in 2015, have been making a name for themselves playing gigs across Glasgow and festivals and have received hundreds of hours of airplay on US and UK radio.

They will travel to Birmingham to play at the Arena before Alice Cooper takes to the stage in front of thousands of rock fans on 14 November.

Lead guitarist Graeme Craig, from Shettleston, from said: “I emailed the promoter purely on spec to see if they would consider promoting or hosting unsigned bands, and then in May we got a response asking if we fancy playing as part of the Fire Stone tour and warming the crowd up in the Arena before Alice Cooper hits the stage.

“All being well, this gig could lead to a slot at the Download Festival in 2018.

“We couldn’t believe our luck. It’s the biggest gig we’ve played so far.

“I was meant to be flying to Florida on Sunday on holiday but I cancelled it for this – it’s just too big to miss.”

Graeme formed the band with vocalist Jason Minto, from Hamilton, after they met at the Student Loans Company in Glasgow, where Graeme works in IT and Jason works in Operations, processing student finance applications.

They were joined by drummer James Maxwell, also from Hamilton, and bassist Chris Glynn from Paisley.

The boys describe their music as classic rock and say they are influenced by Queen and Aerosmith but say they have been called a dolly mixture of music as their songs represent different styles.

You can catch Neon Hurricane’s next Glasgow gig at The Box in Glasgow on 16 December 2017. Follow their Facebook page for further information on their Alice Cooper antics: