Darlington Student Completes Charity Challenges

19 December 2017

Darlington student Emma Wright has completed 12 charity challenges in 12 months, culminating in a two week trek through the Himalayas to Mount Everest Base Camp.

27–year-old Emma Wright, a philosophy student who also works full-time at the Student Loans Company, has raised over £2,300 in total for St. Teresa’s Hospice in Darlington.

Earlier this year, she tackled the National and Yorkshire Three Peaks, The Teesdale Way and took part in the Great North Run, but admitted that the last three challenges have been the most difficult.

Emma explained:
“The final few challenges have definitely been some of the hardest. Challenge 10 involved walking the circumference of Holy Island off the Northumberland coast. The nine mile route was made more difficult by incredibly strong winds blowing off the North Sea.

“The penultimate challenge was a Mount Everest themed triathlon - rowing the height of Everest, followed straight away by cycling the height of Everest, and finished with a run covering the height of Everest.

“The final Challenge I set myself was a trek through the Himalayas to Mount Everest Base Camp.

“It took nine days of trekking to get up to Base Camp (5380m or 17,600ft), and four to get down. The whole journey was made more difficult by the affect of the altitude. The air at that height has literally 50% of the oxygen at sea level (and what I'm used to), so every step took twice as much energy.

“After only a few steps it felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest whilst gasping for breath. The severe cold made the journey even harder. All of the water I was carrying froze, as well as my toiletries - even my toothpaste!!

“I'd not really appreciated how harsh the conditions would be before I went . Whilst near Base Camp itself I saw two others trekkers having to be rescued by helicopter - I was told most likely due to the affects of the altitude.

“Despite of the conditions, the area itself has to be one of the most beautiful places I've ever had the opportunity to visit and the local Nepalese people are amazing. I couldn't have done the trek without their help and guidance.

“Whilst I was away in Nepal, I had ongoing messages of support from my family, friends and colleagues from the Student Loans Company and I’m so pleased to have completed all 12 Challenges now.

“I've raised £2,319.94 so far. I've been filming throughout the challenges, so once I've finished editing the footage and release my eight minute film I'm hoping for some final donations before I donate all of the funds to St Teresa’s Hospice.”

Emma keeps her supporters updated throughout with her dedicated 12 Challenges in 12 Months Just Giving page, which is still open for final donations: