Image of school food

Actions in the School Food Plan

The Action:

Improve the image of school food

Over the last  few years we have seen increasing numbers of inspiring stories about school food; stories of amazing cooks, headteachers and teachers working in unison to put food at the heart of their school. Take a look at the Pinterest board celebrating a Golden Age for School Food. It highlights the brilliant efforts made by schools, teachers and caterers around the country to ensure children can enjoy​ quality, healthy and tasty food at school​​.

Events like National School Meals Week and Roast Dinner Day attracted a mass of national and local media, celebrating the health, attainment and local economic benefits of good school food.

And the national debate going on about childhood obesity has also put a sharp focus on the role for our schools – not only ensuring that our nation’s children eat healthily, but that they can learn about food in a way that will also support their healthy adult lives.