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Bringing expertise to the resolution of concerns about professional practice

NCAS Who We Are

Who we are


The National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) has been an operating division of NHS Resolution (the operating name of NHS Litigation Authority, [NHS LA]) since 2013.

We are in the process of replacing the current NCAS and NHS LA websites with a new user-orientated website going live on resolution.nhs.uk in early 2018.

NCAS contributes to patient safety by helping to resolve concerns about the professional practice of doctors, dentists and pharmacists. We provide expert advice and support, clinical assessment and training to the NHS and other healthcare partners.


NCAS is changing many of its ways of working and this will affect the services we provide. The information on this website is a guide but please contact us about accessing specific services and discuss your needs with our advisory team. Most of our services are currently free of charge to the NHS.    


NCAS How We Work

How we work


Our role is to provide impartial advice to healthcare organisations to effectively manage and resolve concerns raised about the practice of individual doctors, dentists and pharmacists.


We respond to calls about any aspect of individual or team practice, even where it is not yet clear whether there is evidence of poor practice. We can provide advice on long-standing and complex cases. We also provide advice on developing local clinical governance procedures.


All our services, with the exception of team reviews and assisted mediation, are currently free of charge to NHS organisations.

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Call us 

NHS Resolution
2nd Floor, 151 Buckingham Palace Road  


General enquiries: 020 7811 2600 | Fax: 020 7931 7571. 

NCAS core office hours are 9.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday. 

Our contact numbers are:


NCAS England: 020 7811 2600

NCAS Northern Ireland: 079 7085 2895

NCAS Wales: via 020 7811 2600

Out of hours, you can request a call from us online.


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Learn with us


NCAS is a learning organisation, committed to the promotion of effective professional governance through an external education programme and publication of analyses of casework experience.


We run free educational workshops across the UK to help managers deal more effectively with performance concerns about dentists, doctors and pharmacists. Workshops are interactive, using fictitious case studies as learning tools and sharing the experience and expertise of NCAS.


Workshops serve audiences defined by specialty and sector interests as well as for multi-disciplinary groups defined by geography. Some workshops are organised for managers within a single organisation - contact us if you would like to work with us. You can find all our good practice and research publications on this website. 

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NHS Resolution Customer Survey 2018

We would like to invite our customers and stakeholders to take part in our annual customer survey for our 4 main organisational functions NCAS (National Clinical Assessment Service); FHSAU (Family Health Services Appeal Unit); claims management; and safety and learning]. The survey is being undertaken independently on our behalf by Social Market Research (SMR).

We want to listen to your views on the areas you feel we are doing well in, but more importantly we want you to tell us where you feel we can improve and better meet your needs. 

We understand you are very busy and appreciate the time you take to give us your feedback. We would be grateful if you would take 10 minutes of your time to give us your feedback.  The survey can be accessed via the following link (http://www.nhsresolutioncustomersurvey2018.com/survey.htm) and the closing date is 28 February 2018.

The survey is anonymous and confidential, and your responses will only be seen by SMR.  We will share the feedback from the survey with our customers and stakeholders in due course.


​Should you have any queries about any aspect of the survey please feel free to contact Lorraine Hutchings (Lorraine.Hutchings@resolution.nhs.uk).​