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Phytophthora ramorum - Licence system


Any movement of Phytophthora-affected wood from a forest site, or any subsequent movement of the affected material from a mill or processing site, requires a movement licence. 

Phytophthora-affected wood may only be moved to a facility that holds a valid processing licence.

Where P. ramorum-affected trees have been felled to comply with a Plant Health Statutory Notice (SPHN), owners and managers can only move the wood and co-product, and sell it for further milling or processing, subject to the conditions described below. 

Risk Assessment - permits movement and processing of round wood  provided the prescribed biosecurity measures are applied and the movement and subsequent processing are authorised within the licence system.

Our understanding and knowledge of the disease and how it spreads is improving all the time. Consequently the risk assessment and licence system are subject to frequent review and might be updated.

Licence System

Anyone wishing to mill or process Phytophthora-affected wood must have a processing licence before they can accept it into their facility.

Movements of Phytophthora-affected wood must also be licensed, with the exception of movements entirely within the Scotland Management Zone (see below).

Our standard operating procedures are used to inform Forestry Commission inspectors when assessing applications for processing licences.

“Phytophthora-affected wood” means the round wood of any tree species originating from sites known to be infected with Phytophthora ramorum, and any processed material that includes parts of the external surfaces of the round wood from these sites.

The document Licence system provides details of the licence and application process and contacts.

Round wood from uninfected sites, and the movement of square-sawn timber cut from Phytophthora-affected wood, are currently unrestricted.

Scotland Management Zone

Legislation has established a P. ramorum Management zone in South-West Scotland. Movement of any larch material from within the management zone to any site outside it is controlled through this legislation and requires a movement licence.

However, there are no movement restrictions, or requirements to keep records of such movements, if Phytophthora-affected larch wood from inside the Management Zone remains wholly within that zone.

Application forms

Movement Licence

Movement licence Schedule

Processing Licence

Woodfuel End Use Boiler Licence

Standard Operating Procedure 10 - Inspecting sites which process and manage Phytophthora ramorum affected material

Bark Processing Licence

Authorised processors of larch and other canker-forming host tree species from infected sites:




Last updated: 14th June 2018
Logs from infected larch trees stacked on bearers at forest roadside