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The UK

The UK has been at the forefront of the response to the crisis in Syria and the region and has pledged over £1.1 billion, our largest ever response to a single humanitarian crisis.

The UK has allocated over £1.1 billion in response to the Syrian crisis since 2012, to over 30 implementing partners, including United Nations agencies, international non-governmental organisations and the Red Cross.

Syria infographic

This is providing support such as food, shelter, medical care and clean drinking water, for hundreds of thousands of people affected by the conflict, both inside Syria and in regional countries hosting refugees. Our latest factsheet shows how the UK’s humanitarian aid is helping.

In addition to meeting immediate needs, we are helping those who wish to stay in Syria by building their ability to cope, helping the moderate opposition to provide governance and essential services, and supporting the provision of education and jobs. We are also supporting neighbouring countries who have shown enormous generosity in hosting refugees.

However, political transition by mutual agreement of all Syrian parties, supported by the international community, remains the only way to bring about sustainable peace.

Our diplomatic efforts are helping to lay the foundations for an inclusive political settlement. We are also working with partners to help strengthen moderate opposition institutions and to build resilience against extremists and the regime.

The UK also is playing a leading role in the Global Coalition of over 60 nations committed to defeating Daesh (also known as ISIL, Islamic State, or ISIS). The Global Coalition is not just taking on Daesh militarily, but is also targeting its finances, countering the poisonous narrative that fuels it, and attacking it with international counter-terrorist expertise.

Find out more about the UK’s work to help people affected by the conflict in Syria on the UK government’s website

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