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JSNA core data set

What is the JSNA core data set?

The existing core data set provided by The Department of Health (DH), provides a list of indicators which can assist partners in preparing their JSNA, with detailed information on each indicator. The data set takes into account the National Indicator Set and Vital Signs and provides a good foundation which can be supplemented with local data and information.

Access the current JSNA core data set (external) 

How are we involved?

Working with the Eastern Region Public health Observatory (ERPHO), we are revising the current JSNA core data set with a view to making further development recommendations to DH. This will offer you an up to date and more comprehensive range of information tools and resources with which to complete your JSNA.

What are the benefits of changing the JSNA core data set?

The objectives of revising of the current core data set are as follows:

  • Stronger links to commissioning

To achieve effective joint commissioning, both health and social care commissioners need to be fully engaged. Therefore by providing the most up to date and relevant health care data, a more holistic picture of the health needs of your population can be defined and better interventions put in place.

  • World class commissioning competencies

A good JSNA addresses many world class commissioning competencies, offering commissioners further opportunity to score well in assessments.

  • New data available

Health and social care data sets are frequently changing so the data set must offer timely access to this information.

It has also been noted that some information does not change or is updated often enough, we are also improving these areas by providing data in areas such as mental health or community data.

  • Including Indicators

There will be recommendations to sign-post other health and social care resources more efficiently within the core data set, including a national set of key indicators for JSNA.

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