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The Challenging Burden Service

The Challenging Burden Service (CBS) offers advice, guidance, and support around minimising data collection burden.

  We have recently made some changes to the way we manage our burden service is managed, following these changes:

We offer advice and guidance to minimise the amount of work involved in responding to new or existing data requests.

We work with health and social care organisations to share and identify good practice around how data is collected, collated and shared.

We offer a confidential way for you to refer data requests that you feel would benefit from further scrutiny via our Collection Referral Service.

We have responsibilities under the Health and Social Care Act 2012 to provide advice to the Secretary of State for health around burden minimisation.

Collection referral service

The collection referral service offers a confidential way to refer data collections that you feel might benefit from further scrutiny. You can refer a data collection to us by using our form. We will not share you identify or contact details without your permission. Someone will usually contact you within two working days to confirm receipt of your referral and discuss what will happen next.

Burden impact assessment tool

NHS Digital has worked with data providers to create and design a simple tool to encourage providers and commissioners to work together consider the potential burden of any data request at a local level. We would welcome any feedback about this tool so we can continue to develop and improve it.

Burden assessments

Learn more about the burden assessment process provided by the Data Standards Assurance Service (DSAS).

Central register of collections

If you are a potential (data) collector please check the DCB standards and collections list before requesting a Burden Assessment application form. This list is updated regularly.

Burden reduction plans

We work closely with the Department of Health and Arm's Length Bodies (ALBs) to support the development of burden reduction plans. These plans set out how each organisation plans to reduce the data burden they place on the health and social care system in England and to minimise bureaucracy.

Data Provision Notices

NHS Digital, issues a Data Provision Notice each time it uses the statutory power under Section 259 (1) of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. The Data Provision Notice provides information on the data collection including the purpose, benefits, how we intend to collect the information, form, manner, frequency and from which organisations. We also include any information governance, legal or burden considerations.

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