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Catalyst Call A: Funded projects

Through Catalyst Call A, HEFCE is supporting 67 projects from a broad range of higher education institutions and further education colleges across England. These projects have successfully bid for funding of up to £50,000 each to develop innovations in learning and teaching for either undergraduate or postgraduate taught provision.

The projects will develop and evaluate small-scale, experimental innovations on specific cohorts of learners. Projects will run for a period of 18 months.


Lead institution & contactProject titleCatalyst fundingProject value

Anglia Ruskin University

Contact: Sally Everett, email

Delivering enhanced skills for postgraduate students through employer-informed team based learning

£37, 697


Askham Bryan College

Contact: Deirdre Rooney, email

Piloting a bespoke smartphone and tablet 'app' to uncover real time student perceptions of outstanding teaching and learning



Aston University

Contact: Sarah Hayes, email

Analytics plus: Enhancing retention and progression of undergraduate (UG) students through effective and co-ordinated advancement of institutional learning analytics

£50,000 £120,000 

Barnsley College

Contact: Lorraine Copley, email

Recognising 'discovery learners': Making HE pedagogies responsive to equivalent qualifications

£50,000 £291,604

Bath Spa University

Contact: Rebecca Schaaf, email

Creating shared personal learning environments: Promoting engagement and understanding through interaction and co-creation with mobile digital technology

£48,154 £130,028 

Bedford College

Contact: Susan Blackman, email

Identifying and using creative thinking strategies to improve success and learner satisfaction

£20,000 £99,268

Birkbeck College

Contact: Gretchen O'Neill, email

Experimental investigation of interventions designed to increase student retention and performance

£49,326 £98,652 

Birmingham City University

Contact: Matt O'Leary, email matthew.o’

Improving learning and teaching through collaborative observation

£48,727 £97,493

Blackburn College

Contact: Peter Shukie, email

Interactive essays

£26,286 £52,574

Bournemouth University

Contact: Sonal Minocha, email

Global talent: From education to employability

£50,000 £100,000

Bournemouth University

Contact: Sonal Minocha, email

Global talent: From employability to excellence

£50,000 £100,000

Brunel University London

Contact: Mariann Rand-Weaver, email

Digital examinations

£50,000 £100,000

Buckinghamshire New University

Contacts: Richard Mather, email Helena Chance, email

Traversing digital-creative perspectives: Preparing design and technology students for interdisciplinary work

£39,000 £82,750

Burnley College

Contact: Peter Mounsey, email

Fostering a growth mindset culture in higher education

£41,000 £82,000 

Bury College

Contact: Tim Robson, email

Enhancing academic study skills

£49,990  £99,926

Canterbury Christ Church University

Contact: Rayya Ghul, email

Evaluating the 'traffic light tool': A potential high impact pedagogy

£49,942 £85,738

City College Plymouth

Contact: Fiona Horrell, email

HE STEM graduate talent programme

£30,883 £61,159

City of Sunderland College

Contact: Sally Dixon, email

Breaking down barriers to learning: A cross-curricula action research project

£50,000 £100,000

Coventry University

Contact: Sylvester Arnab, email


£33,294 £66,588

Goldsmiths' College

Contact: Matthew Yee-King, email

CodeCircle: Browser-based creative coding leading to deeper learning and wider skills acquisition

£47,830 £95,660

Goldsmiths' College

Contact: Claire Maclean, email

Innovation in employability and enterprise

£40,000 £80,000

Harrow College

Contact: Lucy Atkinlosotu, email

My Harrow College

£30,000 £60,000

Imperial College London

Contact: Edward Meinert, email

Data Science 3i: i.ntroducing and i.nspiring i.nnovation data science for healthcare

£50,000 £100,000 

Kingston University

Contact: Jane Lindsay, email

Meeting employer demands for higher order thinking skills


Leeds Beckett University

Contact: Simon Thomson, email

PULSE: Personalised user learning & social environment



Liverpool Hope University

Contact: Penny Haughan, email

Institutional memory bank

£50,000 £100,000 

London South Bank University

Contact: Jennifer Hardi, email

A pilot study to assess the requirements and academic impact of introducing collaborative multi-disciplinary working within higher education



Loughborough University

Contact: Barbara Jaworski, email

Student learning through collaborative design and teaching of STEM foundation mathematics



Manchester Metropolitan University

Contact: Helen Laville, email

Targeted learning tracker app

£50,000  £100,000 

Middlesex University

Contact: Gareth Williams, email

Digital showscapes

£36,050 £72,100

Newcastle University

Contact: Matthew Forshaw, email

Improving student engagement and retention through 'human-in-the-loop' learning analytics

£48,824 £102,529

Newman University

Contact: John Peters, email

Collaborative development of pedagogic interventions based on learning analytics

£47,075 £96,055

Royal College of Music

Contact: Jessica Jones, email

Introducing VLE-based blended learning into the teaching of solo instrumental and vocal performance at undergraduate level

£44,412 £88,940

Southampton Solent University

Contacts: Roger Emery, email Laraine D'Antin, email

Rich information set for educators (RISE)



St Mary's University, Twickenham

Contact: Liam McCarthy, email

Collaborative reflection in practice: A cross-institutional project in sports coaching

£22,000 £44,000

Teesside University

Contact: Jonathan Eaton, email 

Enhancing employability outcomes through an immersive learning environment



University Campus Oldham

Establishment of a student-led academic success hub

£41,600 £91,600

University College London

Contact: Clive Lees Young, email

UCL action for curriculum enhancement

£38,000 £76,000

University of Bedfordshire

Contact: Alexander Kofinas, email

A gamification-informed approach to developing knowledge and professional practice

£32,000 £68,000

University of Bedfordshire

Contact: Mary Malcolm, email

Developing relational and management skills (PG)

£21,216 £73,360

University of Bolton

Contacts: Duncan Cross, email; Julie Prescott, email

Student led technology enhanced learning and teaching

£33,050 £63,800

University of Cambridge

Contact: Rajesh Jena, email

ZEIT-GEIST: an immersive simulator for teaching of radiation oncology

£42,294 £87,860

University of Cambridge

Contacts: Amy Ludlow; Ruth Armstrong; email

Pushing boundaries: Co-producing learning and measurement

This project has supported the development, delivery and evaluation of Learning Together

£25,000 £51,500

University of Central Lancashire

Contact: Joel Arber, email

Lancashire skills for graduates: A model for integrated learning

£50,000 £100,000

University of Derby

Contacts: Ruth Ayres, email; John Hill, email

Applying digital learning analytics to measure the impact of digital practice enhancements on student engagement and digital capabilities

£50,000 £100,000

University of Durham

Contact: Malcolm Murray, email

Gamifying the on-boarding of PGT students

£13,541 £47,446

University of Greenwich

Contact: Christine Couper, email

A structured conversation enabling and measuring responsive pedagogy



University of Huddersfield

Contact: Philip Clegg, email

Enterprise placement year: A game changer!

£44,600 £89,200

University of Hull

Contact: Graham Scott, email

Developing the use of learning analytics across the STEM disciplines to increase student engagement and improve student outcomes



University of Keele

Contact: Zoe Robinson, email

Unmaking single perspectives: A listening project

£50,000 £102,000

University of Keele

Contact: Ed de Quincey, email

Learner centred design for learning analytics

£49,988 £99,790

University of Lancaster

Contact: Sarah Kingston, email

Bridging connections: Improving the links between academic and work-related learning by criminology students

£49,921 £94,498

University of Leeds

Contact: Alisdair Smithies, email

myPAL@work: Learning analytics for reflective learning and professional development



University of Leeds

Contact: Raphael Jan Lyndon Hallett, email

'Mending a broken bridge': Developing scholarly impact & civic engagement for PGT students

£29,988  £59,975 

University of Liverpool

Contact: Catrin Eames, email

Postgraduate healthcare student mentoring by experts by experience

£49,801 £98,472

University of Nottingham

Contact: Cristina De Matteis, email

Come on in to our research labs: Enhancing UG students’ experience of research

£27,108 £54,216

University of Plymouth

Contact: Harriet Dismore, email

Learning for the future: Developing an interdisciplinary learning framework between the arts and sciences

£50,000 £110,449

University of Sheffield

Contact: Brendan Stone, email

Group interdisciplinary undergraduate research projects



University of Sheffield

Contacts: Bryony Olney, email; Bobby Nisha, email

Developing design consultants of the future: Embedding augmented reality in learning & teaching

£50,000 £188,285 

University of Southampton

Contact: Carol Evans, email

Supporting student agency and success in higher education and beyond through the development of assessment feedback skills (the ability to self-monitor and self-evaluate)

£50,000 £100,000

University of Suffolk

Contact: Christine Smith, email

placementPAL (peer assisted learning): A digital app to scaffold students' learning and knowledgeable action in work

£47,977 £131,496

University of Sunderland

Contact: Jessica Hardisty, email

Inter-professional collaboration in design and delivery of undergraduate teaching and learning in the care of patients with mental ill health

£50,000 £104,000

University of Surrey

Contact: Esat Alpay, email

Gamification in engineering education: From primary outreach to work transition

£50,000 £105,000

University of Surrey

Contact: Naomi Winstone, email

Feedback footprints: Using learning analytics to support student engagement with, and learning from, feedback

£44,416 £123,055

University of Sussex

Contact: David Walker, email

ePortfolio analytics

£18,000 £60,000

University of the West of England

Contact: Laura Fogg-Rogers, email

Children as engineers

£49,955 £71,950 

University of Warwick

Contact: Georgia Kremmyda, email

Developing a student-driven educational model between, beyond and across disciplines

£49,745 £99,490

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