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The competition for round 6 of UKRPIF is now open. 

Early notification of an intention to submit a bid should be emailed to HEFCE by noon on Friday 10 November 2017

Expressions of interest should then be submitted by noon on Friday 12 January 2018.

How to apply for the fund

Institutions should ensure they will be able to meet the requirements for the fund outlined in the guidance, HEFCE 2017/15, before preparing to submit an expression of interest (EOI).

Please email if you have any queries regarding your potential bid.

If you intend to submit an EOI in January 2018, please inform the UKRPIF team at HEFCE of your intention to submit an EOI by noon on Friday 10 November 2017.

Please provide an indication of the likely title of the project, the level of UKRPIF funds you will be requesting and the broad discipline area(s) for the project.

You should then submit your EOI by noon on Friday 12 January 2018. The template to use to submit an EOI (Annex A) is provided with the guidance document (HEFCE 2017/15).

Aims of the fund

The fund has four main objectives. These are to:

  • enhance the research facilities of higher education institutions (HEIs) undertaking world-leading research
  • encourage strategic partnerships between HEIs and other organisations active in research
  • stimulate additional investment in HE research
  • strengthen the contribution of the research base to economic growth.

The fund supports large-scale projects that can also attract private investment.

Background information

The fund was originally set up in 2012. Since then HEFCE has allocated over £680 million to 43 projects running between 2014-20, attracting £1.65 billion of investment from business and charities.

Round six was launched in autumn 2017 and funding of up to £220 million will be available to 2021. 


Page last updated 15 September 2017