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HEFCE has appointed the seven subject panels for the Teaching Excellence and Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) subject-level pilot. The 124 members include students, academics, employers, and representatives from professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (Note 1).

Panel members were selected for their subject expertise, their standing in higher education, and evident commitment to teaching excellence and student outcomes. The composition of the panels also reflects the diverse types of higher education provider across the UK.

The TEF subject pilot is being implemented by HEFCE on behalf of the Department for Education. Currently, TEF ratings are awarded only at the level of a higher education provider. This pilot aims to test two possible models for generating TEF ratings at subject level; the results will inform the direction of the second subject-level pilot in 2018-19.

The pilot will run alongside the TEF Year Three process, but the pilot assessments will not interact with the provider-level TEF in any way. No ratings identifying individual providers will be published, as the subject-level pilots are purely developmental.

Panel members will carry out assessments from March to May 2018. Through their work on the pilot project the panel members will play a key role in helping to shape the future development of TEF at subject level.


  1. The lists of panel members are available at