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£1.7 million awarded to 28 projects

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Aims of the scheme

The scheme aims to support innovative approaches which increase the number of graduates pursuing engineering at postgraduate level and entering the profession.

Separate funding under the same scheme will help to develop conversion courses in engineering-related computer science disciplines.

We will evaluate the scheme and report on its outcomes, with a view to securing wider take-up across the sector.

About the projects

A total of 28 projects, involving 32 universities and colleges, will between them receive £1.7 million to develop and market a range of engineering and computer science conversion courses.

They aim to help those who have studied other subjects to move into careers in these areas.

The new courses will start in the 2016-17 academic year. We expect that up to 1500 converting graduates in total may benefit within the first two years.

Demand for graduates in engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and software engineering is growing in the economy.

Providing graduates in other subjects with the opportunity to study and work in these areas will allow them to develop their careers, and increase the supply of skilled practitioners.

The courses shall provide a range of opportunities for graduates across England to convert to these subjects, while undertaking study delivered in a variety of different models.

What funds are available?

The Government made the funds for the pilot scheme available to HEFCE for two years from January 2015.  

Additional funds were made available by the Digital Economy Unit at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to support the development of a number of computer science conversion courses, focussing on data science, cyber security, and software engineering.

The scheme was developed alongside the reviews into graduate employment and accreditation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Page last updated 6 February 2017