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Our skills work programmes

We lead a range of work programmes to accomplish these goals:

Our work on skills complements our work on student access and success and learning and teaching. We also strive to ensure our work fits with related developments within the skills landscape, like the Institutes of Technology and National Colleges.

Aims of these programmes

Our approach to skills aims at addressing skills gaps by supporting institutions to develop and enhance provision that will ensure graduates develop a wide range of skills to enable lifelong career development.

How we use evidence to inform policy

Evidence shows that employers value graduates from a wide range of disciplines. It also suggests that there are unmet higher level skills needs which result in protracted vacancies for employers as well as higher rates of unemployment for some graduates perceived to lack the ‘right’ skills. Our approach to skills is informed by this evidence.

Further information

For more information contact Brooke Storer-Church, tel 0117 931 7484, email

Page last updated 3 February 2017