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Consultation on Adult Mental Health Statistics

What is this consultation?

This consultation invites responses on potential changes to statistics published from the Mental Health and Learning Disabilities Dataset (MHLDDS), following the expected publication of the Information Standards Notice announcing the change of the MHLDDS to the Mental Health Services Dataset (MHSDS).

For operational reasons there may be a delay between the implementation of MHSDS and establishing a full set of monthly reports, so we are also interested to know which existing measures should be considered a priority. You can find a full list of the publications that use MHLDDS.

Why did we have this consultation?

Changes to the structure of the dataset from a person-based dataset to a referral-based dataset give us the opportunity to review the content and format of our existing publications. We sought information about which measures and which elements of our existing publications are most important to you.

We want to ensure that the data collection continues to be relevant and meaningful to the people who use it, and that we are meeting your information and data needs in the best and most cost-effective way.

Results of the consultation

pdf icon Results of Adult Mental Health Statistics Consultation [290kb], published November 2015

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