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F2. Salt Reduction (pledge now closed)

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Annual Update:

Submitted: 30 April, 2014

3. Meeting the target means for categories with:

  • a maximum/processing average target - that all your products in this category meet this target
  • an average target - that this is met on a sales weighted basis
  • an average and a maximum target - that you meet both targets

For those categories where you are not currently meeting the target please provide an indication of the number and / or proportion of categories where you are on track to achieve the target by the end of 2012

4. Please indicate below whether or not you have already met the salt target for each of the categories that fall within your product and/or menu range. Please use the following responses only in the text boxes next to each category:

  • Y - please use this if you have met the 2012 targets for that category (see definition at question 2 above for what meeting the target means)
  • N - please use this if you have not met the 2012 target for that category but it is part of your product or menu range
  • N/A - please use this if the category is not part of your product or menu range

An optional commentary box has been provided for each main product category where you may provide additional quantitative information, for example the percentage of products meeting the maximum or average target, the percentage reduction achieved or sales weighted average. Please note this is only for commentary on the data provided, other comments on the achievability of the targets, or technical issues faced, should be provided in the qualitative section of the annual update.

4.1 Meat products

4.2 Bread

4.3 Breakfast Cereals

4.4 Cheese

4.5 Butter

4.6 Fat spreads

4.7 Baked Beans

4.8 Ready meals and meal centres

4.9 Soups

4.10 Pizzas

4.11. Crisps and savoury snacks

4.12 Cakes, pastries, fruit pies and other pastry-based desserts

4.13 Bought sandwiches

4.14 Table sauces

4.15 Cook-in and pasta sauces, thick sauces and pastes

4.16 Biscuits

4.17 Pasta

4.18 Rice

4.19 Other cereals

4.20 Processed puddings

4.21 Quiche

4.22 Scotch eggs

4.23 Canned fish

4.24 Canned vegetables

4.25 Meat alternatives

4.26 Other processed potatoes

4.27 Beverages

4.28 Takeaway, meat based

4.29 Takeaway, fish based

4.30 Takeaway, vegetable and potato based

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