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F6. Fruit and vegetables

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 15 November, 2012

CHCo currently supports the Fruit and Vegetable pledge in the following ways:Using its Veg Plot initiative to raise the profile and appetite for vegetarian mealsUsing its Veg Plot 3 initiative to focus on consciously increasing the number of portions of fruit or vegetables customers consume within its restaurants, rewarding multiple portion purchases with cash discounts to build new habitsHighlighting the number of portions of fruit or vegetables contained within a serving of a dish (whether meat/fish based or vegetarian) with clear labellingCreating a more farmers market display approach in many of its restaurants, with raw ingredients featuring prominently, making them more accepted and the norm for customers to see and therefore buyIncreasing portion sizes of prepared fruit or vegetables to 80g to ensure that they countUsing its Wellbeingbeingwell healthy eating initiative to highlight one changing ingredient each week (usually a fruit or vegetable) that is seasonal, and makes a positive contribution to their health. This then features with the range of dishes on offerRunning Wellbeingbeingwell days where customers can get more information about how to balance their diets and the benefits of thisWorking with nutritionist, Amanda Ursell, to provide accessible information for customers and to underpin the initiatives aboveOur target for the next year is to:Increase the value of each of these initiatives for our customers; making them more widespread and consistently in focus to the point where they are visible in 100% of our staff restaurant (Business Industry) sites (clients permitting)Further increase awareness and understanding among our own staff through a structured training plan, to give greater confidence when dealing with and cooking for their customers,Look for and consider other ways of taking the pledge forward within CHCo.

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