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F4. Calorie Reduction

Committed since:

1 January, 2013

Delivery plan:

Submitted: 31 May, 2012

We are working hard to reduce the calories consumed in our pubs by the following initiatives:1. Featuring the healthier dishes by way of photos, competitive price points offers and highlighting on the menu (e.g. the front cover 'hero' shot currently features a Superfood Wholewheat Pesto Pasta at 581 calories) For example, in June, we are introducing a poster featuring 3 healthy dishes all offered at £1 below menu price for the summer2. Offering lighter or varying portion size options and reviewing the portion sizes on all components in all dishes and reducing where appropriate (e.g. we recently removed butter from our standard jacket potatoes, although this can still be requested).3. Labelling healthier dishes (under 700 cals) with calories on our menu - this section currently consists of over 30 dishes or 40% of our menu content)4. Reviewing recipes with suppliers to see how we can reduce the calories of the products without compromising quality (e.g. we re-engineered the recipe and reduced the calories in our Balsamic Dressing from 209 to 121 calories in 2011, with positive feedback from customer taste panels). We hope to grow our range of dishes that are under 700 calories from 30 dishes to 40 dishes and 55% of the menu content5. Developing healthy new dishes / concepts that will have mass appeal and can sell in significant numbers (i.e. our recent Chicken Pepper Skewers dish at 449 calories and less than 5% fat already sells over 12,000 portions per week)6. Re-engineering our curry club range to reduce the fats and saturated fats and overall calories (e.g. we reduced the calories in our Chicken Tikka Masala from 944 to 884 calories in 2011).7. We will continue to provide the full facts and nutritional tables for all dishes and these leaflets are available to pick up in all of our pubs. The leaflets also provide handy tips for healthy eating in JD Wetherspoon pubs. Full nutritional details on all of our dishes can also be found on our website at http://www.jdwetherspoon.co.uk.

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