Responsibility Deal health at work guidance

The health at work network has developed several guides to help employers and employees manage their health and well-being at work.

  • Chronic conditions guides for employers and employees.  These guides were developed through a subgroup of the network and provide practical advice for managing chronic conditions in the workplace.  There is one guide for employers/line managers and a separate one for employees.
  • SME engagement guide – this was developed through the SME Engagement subgroup.  It offers advice to organisations that want to engage with SMEs on workplace wellbeing.
  • Mental health adjustments guide– this was developed through the mental health adjustment subgroup.  It provides employers with advice on making workplace adjustments for staff with a mental health illness.
  • This booklet for employees helps provide them with an understanding of the support available and  choices they have about getting help if they think they are experiencing domestic abuse.
  • The leaflet for employers has been developed to support line managers who are in immediate need of help with the issue of domestic abuse.

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