Mars take action on the calorie reduction pledge

Mars is committed to producing quality products for our consumers and have been at the forefront of  saturated fat reduction, GDA labelling, responsible marketing, product choice and encouraging healthy active lifestyles.

We have already made significant progress  in reducing calorie intake through innovation and portion size reduction, through expanding choice to enable consumers to choose the product and portion size that is just right for them, and  by supporting consumers in making these choices by providing clear information on the ingredients, nutrition and portion sizes.

As part of the calorie reduction pledge we are committed to reducing the average calories per serving across our confectionery products. We are currently working to deliver our global commitment of making all of our chocolate products no more than 250 calories per portion by 2013, which will see a further 12-16% reduction in calories to our 2 best selling bars (MARS and SNICKERS).

For more information visit their website.


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