AstraZeneca aim to create a more energised workforce

This case study outlines what action Astrazeneca took to deliver on their commitment to pledge P4. Physical Activity in the Workplace.

Promoting physical activity within the workplace environment

•This pledge asks partners to create a work environment that supports and promotes participation in physical activity and recognises the many benefits this can bring. Improved health and wellbeing for employees as well as reduced absenteeism and increased productivity for the business.

Case Study- Astrazeneca


In addition to the provision of company provided fitness centres and walking trails, employees (1603 in the UK) took part in the Global Corporate Challenge. This is an exercise program using pedometers. The average daily step count was 13,000 and Astrazeneca was designated the world’s most active organization by the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), out of 1,000 organisations taking part.

Participants reported feeling healthier, with more energy, having lost many pounds in weight, were sleeping better and had more energy.


Astrazeneca (AZ) aim to inspire employees to embrace Health & Wellbeing personally and professionally, leading to a more energised environment at work and at home.

They believe that a healthy workforce results in a productive, energised workplace that brings out the best inn their employees.

For the 7th consecutive year, they are partnering with the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) as part of supporting the health & wellbeing of their employees. The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is a 12 month workplace health and wellbeing program aimed at changing the behavior and improving the health of employees around the world.

In 2013, 3,668 employees participated in the GCC from many AZ global locations including Mexico, US, UK, Sweden, Poland, Japan and India covering a distance of 1,889,880 miles (which equates to walking around the world 76 times) by walking, cycling and swimming.

Statistics from past years involvement have consistently demonstrated the health and wellbeing benefits from participating in the Global Corporate Challenge.

During the various years taking part in the GCC, the following benefits were reported:

– 88% reported an increase in their overall health & wellbeing
– 75% reported their relationships within their team as good or excellent
– 69% reported an increase in their quality of sleep
– 70% reported increase in energy
– 68% reported being able to handle stress better
– 57% reported a welcome loss in weight

Feedback from participants in 2013 indicated a 84% rating that their GCC experience was good or excellent and 92% of participants would be willing to take part in the GCC again.

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