The Low Sodium Sea Salt Company Ltd

Partner description:

Providers of SOLO, an all natural, patented low sodium sea salt product which contains 60% less sodium than conventional salt, but all the flavour.

SOLO contains a patented blend of sodium, potassium and magnesium “in near perfect proportion” according to independent UK health professionals and so avoids the bitter, metallic taste found in high potassium alternatives.

Since 1999, our sole focus has been to drive down sodium levels across the total food industry and today our facilities in the UK and North America, supply clients across the total food spectrum: from global food brands and major private label food manufacturers, to innovative health product developers, around the world.

SOLO is an entirely natural product with no chemical processing and its formulation has undergone successful randomised double blind placebo medical trials on two continents, ten years apart. It is therefore universally approved for use in ‘organic’ and ‘entirely natural’ foods (such as, those containing no added preservatives or artificial ingredients).

We have also introduced a retail product - SOLO-Lite - with 30% less sodium and enriched with iodine.

Joined the Responsibility Deal: 22 May, 2013

This partner is currently committed to the following pledges (1):

  • F2. Salt Reduction (pledge now closed) (since 23 May, 2013)

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