H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

"As organisations working in the construction / civil engineering industries, we pledge to manage the causes of occupational disease and take action to improve the health and wellbeing of people working across offices and sites large and small. We recognise that prevention and early intervention is the key to success and will take on-going action on at least one of the following:

(1) Annual reporting of the health and wellbeing of employees
(2) The provision of clinical occupational health services (OHS) that work in accordance with the relevant standards e.g. SEQOHS
(3) Arrangements to develop a programme to actively promote health and wellbeing and the effective management of health.

Where relevant, we also pledge to encourage our subcontractors and supply chains to endorse at least one of the actions above to implement good health and wellbeing activities."

Information is available on what this pledge sets out to achieve, the benefits, how you help us deliver this and how you will report on your progress. Information is also available on the Change4Life brand and how you can use this as a Responsibility Deal partner.

Annual Updates for 2013/14 can be viewed below:
Annual Updates 2013 - 2014

A full list of the signatories to this pledge is included below.

Partners currently committed to this pledge (111):

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