High Speed 2 Limited

Partner description:

HS2 will run high-speed trains on dedicated lines that connect London to Birmingham from 2026 and then, along a Y-shaped route, to Crewe and Manchester in the West and the East Midlands, South Yorkshire and Leeds in the East from 2033. Our trains will also run on existing lines to serve Merseyside, the North East and Scotland.

Joined the Responsibility Deal: 10 December, 2014

This partner is currently committed to the following pledges (6):

Health at Work
  • H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers (since 10 December, 2014)
  • H10. Construction and Civil Engineering Industries (since 10 December, 2014)
  • H2. Occupational Health Standards (since 10 December, 2014)
  • H3. Health & Wellbeing Report (since 10 December, 2014)
  • H6. Staff Health Checks (since 10 December, 2014)
  • H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing (since 10 December, 2014)

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