Ministry of Defence

Partner description:

The Ministry of Defence employs a large number of civilian personnel, including Royal Fleet Auxiliaries, Trading Funds and locally engaged civilians. Our aim is to ensure that the armed forces have the training, equipment and support necessary for their work, and that we keep within budget.

Joined the Responsibility Deal: 1 July, 2014

This partner is currently committed to the following pledges (5):

Health at Work
  • H1. Chronic Conditions Guide and Carers (since 1 July, 2014)
  • H2. Occupational Health Standards (since 1 July, 2014)
  • H3. Health & Wellbeing Report (since 1 July, 2014)
  • H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing (since 1 July, 2014)
  • H9. Domestic Violence (since 1 July, 2014)

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