Department of Energy and Climate Change

Partner description:

DECC is committed to taking action to ensure that we improve and optimise the performance and engagement of our people by ensuring their physical and mental wellbeing at work. In doing so we also aim to create the right environment for this to happen so that our staff feel comfortable, confident and empowered to make informed choices which will help them lead healthier lives. DECC’s employee assistance programme supports employees when they have health (and other) problems. A new Employee Support page which brings together practical information, advice and resources to support health and wellbeing, including mental health will be launched by the end of the calendar year (2013).

DECC has also signed up to the Time to Change pledge, England’s biggest ever attempt to end the stigma and discrimination that faces people with mental health problems. DECC’s initial action plan for Time to Change is that further actions are currently in development in consultation with DisNet and the department’s Wellbeing Group.

Joined the Responsibility Deal: 3 December, 2013

This partner is currently committed to the following pledges (2):

Health at Work
  • H7. Mental Health and Wellbeing (since 3 December, 2013)
  • H9. Domestic Violence (since 24 November, 2014)

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