Luton Borough Council – H6: Staff Health Checks

What issue was facing your organisation?
Sickness levels within the Council were high in 2012. Whilst this was being addressed through management and accompanying policies, the Council’s senior management team agreed that an approach was needed to encourage staff to be healthier. It was agreed by all Directors in the Council including the Head of Human Resources and the Trade Unions that a strategy with a clear focus on supporting sickness reduction, offering more robust health education and promotion should be undertaken.
What action did your organisation take?
Lead by Public Health but collaboratively working with HR and other departments within the Council a strategy was written with actions under four key objectives:

  • Objective 1: Supporting staff to remain and return to work
  • Objective 2: Improving Wellbeing through Management Practices
  • Objective 3: Corporate Health promotion and education
  • Objective 4: Communication & Engagement

The action plan focused on Fast Track Physiotherapy, building the employee wellness brand and the signing of the Public Health Responsibility Deal on health checks recommended by Dame Carol Black’s report.

What has been the impact of implementing health interventions?
The benefits have been phenomenal. We have a dedicated generic inbox to manage the requests for health checks. This supports us to screen eligible staff.   Those who do not fall within the criteria are still given a ‘Health MOT’. Staff are referred to Live Well Luton, our integrated healthy lifestyle service.   As a result we have had several reports of key lifestyle changes. An example includes:

“Active Luton – I am attending the gym twice a week, this is my third week.

Slimming World – in five weeks I have lost 1 stone 3 ½ lbs, which is over 10% of my original bodyweight. I feel so much better for having got rid of the weight and so much fitter for regular exercise”. Paul Hunt.   This also motivated Paul (middle) to become one of our top walkers during our walking challenge receiving an award.

PH Responsiblity Deal Case Study_Luton


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