Carillion – H10: Construction and Civil Engineering Industries

Q: What issue was facing your organisation?
How we could meet the pledge of actively promote health and wellbeing and the effective management of health.
Q: What action did your organisation take?
The strap line of the Carillion health strategy is ‘Health Like Safety’ which means we will put the same emphasis on health issues that we do on safety issues – and manage them the same way. The below covers what Carillion have implemented during 2014.

Health Plan

Each site has a dedicated health plan detailing the sites mechanisms for mitigating the risks to health and wellbeing initiatives and a Health champion to ensure the process is managed well.

Health Awareness Training Module

An online training course detailing the requirements of our occupational health strategy and the mechanism in place to reduce risks to health.

Process and procedures

A suite of documents have been produced detailing minimum standards and processes to follow to prevent risks to health.

Occupational Health Services

Through our occupational health provider we offer fitness for work medicals for safety critical workers, health surveillance and wellbeing medicals/health checks.

Awareness and management of Occupational Cancers

We have raised awareness of the causes of work-related cancer and have processes in place to prevent or substantially reduce exposures.

Management of Fatigue

We have created a standard on the techniques we will use to manage fatigue.

Wellbeing Initiatives

We have a range of information available to promote health and wellbeing including wellbeing information toolkits, monthly health matters articles, participation in the Global Corporate Challenge (GCC), suite of health and wellbeing toolbox talks.

Mitigate the impact of cardiac arrest at work

Getting medical attention in the first 3 minutes of cardiac arrest gives the best chance of survival and so Carillion have installed AED’s at every location. The Powerheart AED G5 device is extremely simple to use and requires no first aid training as device tells you exactly what to do.

Health KPI’s

Health data analysed on a monthly basis and reported through H&S Committee meetings.

Health Camp

During October 2014 a week long Health Camp took place at each of our sites which aimed to raise awareness of health related issues relevant to each location. During the week several great sessions were held including

  • Health and wellbeing checks
  • Team health challenges
  • Briefing articles / presentations on health and wellbeing
  • Health toolbox talks
  • Poster campaigns
  • Quit smoking clinics with NHS nurses
Q: What has been the impact of implementing health interventions?
Raised awareness on health and wellbeing initiatives


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