Nestlé UK – H2: Occupational Health Standards

Q: What issue was facing your organisation?
Nestlé UK have an ‘In-house’ Occupational Health service function and implement the Nestlé Global operating standards. This function solely supports Nestlé UK employees and does not generate income externally; for this type of operation, there is no mandatory requirement to obtain SEQOHS accreditation.Nestlé UK took the decision to voluntarily invest and apply for SEQOHS accreditation to offer the UK business and employee’s further assurance and external recognition that the service offered is a safe, high quality and professional service; externally verified and independently audited to external standards and maintains ongoing continuous improvement implementing best practice.
Q: What action did your organisation take?
Nestlé UK embarked upon the SEQOHS accreditation process in 2013.The Occupational Health team undertook a systematic approach in reviewing all Occupational Health processes against the relevant six SEQOHS domains and applicable standards for external auditing.

Implementing this robust audit process highlighted some small areas for improvement where current processes could be enhanced. Improvements included updating the internal feedback survey structure and administrative, document control changes.

The Occupational Health team has created a robust review process for all procedures ensuring continuous improvement and the same high level of service is provided across the function.

Q: What has been the impact of implementing health interventions?
Nestlé UK gained SEQOHS accreditation in 2013.By undertaking and receiving the SEQOHS accreditation, Nestlé UK and our people have the assurance of a safe and high quality service, externally verified and audited with a mechanism for continuous evaluation and improvement to implement best practice.

Annual accreditation ensures a consistent, robust review process is now in place across all our Occupational Health services and procedures to maintain the same level of service throughout the business. Improved, holistic feedback surveys are in place to listen to all employees’ using the Occupational Health services. Nestlé UK is using this feedback to inform the continuous improvement process and provide better services.

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