Minister Jane Ellison chairs Plenary Group meeting on 18 November

Members of the Responsibility Deal Plenary Group met on 18 November.

The meeting was chaired by Jane Ellison, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Public Health.

The purpose of the meeting was to enable members to reflect on the successes of the Responsibility Deal to date and to look at how we could maintain momentum and continue to develop delivery through the voluntary partnership.

The Minister praised the good work done by each of the networks and thanked the partners for their continued commitment to this work.

Waitrose and AstraZeneca gave presentations on how the Responsibility Deal has positively influenced their businesses and helped to strengthen the health and wellbeing agenda within their organisations.

The McKinsey Global Institute presented on the obesity crisis and its economic cost, and described the range of interventions for tackling this health challenge by industry and government continuing to work together in partnership.

Jamie Rentoul, Director of Health and Wellbeing, Department of Health presented on the key themes from the recent stocktake events which helped to prompt discussion between the Minister and members on how we can further strengthen this partnership.

You can view the action note and list of attendees for this meeting here.

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