Individual Pledges

PI – 15. Macmillan & The Ramblers

From April 2012, Macmillan Cancer Support and the Ramblers will take over responsibility for the Walking for Health programme and will work together to significantly increase the numbers of people who are active through the programme. We will work with … Read more → – PI – 15. Macmillan & The Ramblers

PI – 14. Premier Sport

In 2012, Premier Sport pledges to offer £150,000 worth of physical activity and sport opportunities to 1,000 primary schools with the aim of engaging over 200,000 children of all abilities from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 2.

PI – 13. BUPA & Youth Sport Trust

BUPA and the Youth Sport Trust will work in partnership to train and support primary school teachers to give them the skills and confidence to teach physical literacy to 4-7 year olds. Through our Start to Move: Developing Physical Literacy … Read more → – PI – 13. BUPA & Youth Sport Trust

PI – 12. Lloyds Banking Group

Working in partnership with the Youth Sport Trust, sportscotland and Sport Wales, Lloyds Banking Group will take the inspiration of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games to inspire young people in schools across the UK to take part in … Read more → – PI – 12. Lloyds Banking Group

PI – 11. England Athletics

England Athletics pledges to achieve a 10% annual growth in runners who participate at least once a week. We aim to have 2,000 Run England registered groups by 2013, with 50,000 new members joining the Run England running community each … Read more → – PI – 11. England Athletics

PI – 10. GSK

GSK will develop and fund a national awareness campaign working in association with NHS London, to inspire the 7.78 million people in the UK aged over 55 with long-term health conditions, to lead a more active lifestyle. Inspired by the … Read more → – PI – 10. GSK

PI – 9. Cooperative & Activate Sport

The Co-operative and Activate Sport will aim to reach 20,000 young people across 34 counties and 100 towns in 2012 by: doubling the number of sports camps giving away thousands of free places to make sport accessible to all. Pledge … Read more → – PI – 9. Cooperative & Activate Sport

PI – 8. The Ramblers/Walk England

We will encourage adults, children and families to walk as part of their daily routine by promoting and providing access to online tools, educational material, motivational resources and organised walking activities. Pledge update from Walk England, October 2012 Walk England’s … Read more → – PI – 8. The Ramblers/Walk England

PI – 7. Sporting Equals

We will target the least active BME communities to promote positive attitudes to sport and physical activity and increase the percentage of people from BME communities who achieve one or more 30-minute sessions of sport and physical activity per week.

PI – 6. The Sport & Recreation Alliance

We will take action to encourage community sport by increasing the number of sports clubs registering as Community Amateur Sports Clubs and we will promote increased participation in the community through this network. Pledge update, November 2012 In the past … Read more → – PI – 6. The Sport & Recreation Alliance