Organisations signing up as partners to the Responsibility Deal commit to play their part in improving public health. In signing up, they agree to take action voluntarily to support the Responsibility Deal’s ambitions.

Collective pledges on alcohol, food, health at work and physical activity set out the specific actions that partners agree to take in support of the core commitments. Click on the pledge title below for further information on the pledge, including the full pledge wording and details of how you can help to deliver it.




Health at Work

Physical Activity

Health at Work Pledge Framework
The Health at Work Network has designed a quick guide to the health at work pledges which may help your organisation in deciding which pledges are appropriate for you to sign up to. Please see the framework here.

Calorie Reduction Development Tool
The Food Network Team has produced a Calorie Reduction Pledge Development Tool to support current and future partners to the calorie reduction pledge. The tool identifies the elements that constitute a good pledge and presents commitments made and actions taken under the various pledge categories. It is intended as a set of ideas to prompt thought and steer industry as they consider what action/further action they can take on calorie reduction. The tool has been updated to include examples from 2013/14 annual updates and is available here.

Inspired by 2012 brand
Are your Physical Activity Responsibility Deal pledges inspired by the events of 2012? If so, you may be eligible to apply for use of "Inspired by 2012" branding. For more information please see here.

The Responsibility Deal and Change4Life – the perfect match

As part of their pledge activity or to highlight this activity partners may want to undertake some communications with their customers, the wider community or their employees. The Change4Life movement offers the perfect opportunity to do this.

Change4Life is a trusted health brand that is popular and understood by those groups it engages with and seeks to influence. It is ideally placed to act as the umbrella brand for Responsibility Deal partners to communicate with its customers and wider.

If a Responsibility Deal partner wishes to use the Change4Life brand and its messages, they can become a Change4Life partner and gain approval for their activity. Change4Life has separate and specific terms of engagement that partners sign up to.

Reporting progress

Partners will report annually on their progress in delivering their pledges and all of this information will be published on this website. Further information on how progress is reported.

Individual pledges

Partners can submit suggestions for individual pledges that are either specific to their organisation or to a sub-group within a sector.

Making an individual pledge gives an organisation the opportunity to demonstrate leadership in their sector by going further than current collective action, or to make a commitment in an area where collective action is not appropriate.

View a list of the current individual pledges that partners are signed up to.

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