New Responsibility Deal alcohol pledges published today

Today, the Responsibility Deal Alcohol Network has published a new set of alcohol pledges which set out to tackle alcohol misuse and promote responsible drinking.

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Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt
“Our Responsibility Deal has made real progress, as the industry is taking one billion units out of the market and has agreed to provide labelling which includes health warnings and unit information.

“The new pledges will help people to drink responsibly and make healthier choices.”

More information on these collective and individual pledges is available.

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One Response to New Responsibility Deal alcohol pledges published today

  1. dr.m.simeoni says:

    the scanty paragraph of the chief medical off. of the uk on the back of some not all! the wines sold by waitrose are difficult to believe considering the fact that sigarette packets have a worning in the front of the packet well highlighted . The
    EU directives should not harm british people : every bottle of alcohol should have a label like cigarettes packets that alchol can cause serious harm to your helath . With the festive season going on and more alcohl and cigarettes being bought there will be more harm to our health : alcohl can cause cancer of the upper digestive tract and chronic fatal liver and pancreas disease , also cause violence of the abuser towards other people ( driving – abusing friends relatives and public.It is not true that more than 80% of alcohl bottles have a warning for the pregnant women and it is not true that the majority of bottles have a label which people can read and understand : what does it mean my wife asked me when I asked her to read the label at back of a bottle with a glass disigned to explain the units that 1.7 per 125 ml:you need a degree in mathematics almost to understand it.

    Thanks for your attention

    Dr M Simeoni M.D.