West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust – staff health and wellbeing

Following the publication of the Boorman Report (2009) on health and well-being in the NHS, the Trust developed a comprehensive action plan to maximise staff health and wellbeing in the workplace, including physical activity, for example:


  • Providing information about walking and cycling to work on the staff website
  • Running sporting activities such as an annual West Suffolk Hospital Tag Rugby World Cup and events to coincide with the Olympic Games
  • Doing an ‘Air Walk’ challenge where teams compete to see how much exercise they can do, converting hours of exercise to air miles, and track progress on a map of the world
  • Supporting staff in setting up Gardening and Walking clubs
  • Addressing ‘hot spots’ of sickness absence due to musculo-skeletal problems

The Trust believes that its health and wellbeing programme has had a positive impact on staff morale and job satisfaction as evidenced by the annual NHS survey and feedback from staff:

‘I am now going to regularly exercise – I am suffering from the post rugby blues.’

‘Following the rugby, am joining Bury Ladies Tag Rugby team to maintain fitness level.  Never realised I would enjoy playing rugby.’

‘The day was excellent and I feel you would not have to make any improvements to the Rugby event.  We should now build on the success of this event.’

The Trust signed up to the Responsibility Deal in 2012 to signify its ongoing commitment to staff health and wellbeing and to support the Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

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