Lactalis Nestlé UK announces new reduced sugar fromage frais

Lactalis Nestlé UK has introduced a lower sugar version of their Munch Bunch fromage frais, containing 30% less sugar compared to the original.

MUNCH BUNCH® is offering parents even more choice in the good stuff they can give their children with new, unique MUNCH BUNCH® 30% Less Sugar.

A Nestlé spokesperson said

“Still packed with delicious fruit puree and creamy dairy goodness, MUNCH BUNCH® 30% Less Sugar is a great every day dairy treat to help give parents more choice.”

Nestlé UK became a partner of the Responsibility Deal in 2011, and this builds on the work Nestlé has been doing to help people consume healthier diets.

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said:

“With more and more families looking to swap to lower sugar options, new products like this are a vital part of making it easier to make that healthier choice. I encourage all businesses to extend this approach across their ranges.”

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