Revisions to artificial trans fats removal pledge

The artificial trans fats removal pledge has been updated and is now in two parts:

F3(a). We do not use ingredients that contain artificial trans fats.

F3(b). We are working to remove artificial trans fats from our products within the next 12 months.

These changes recognise that some organisations will have taken the decision not to use artificial trans fats, others have already removed them from their products, and some are still working to remove them.

We are working with partners signed up to the previous version of the pledge to assign them to the appropriate part of the revised pledge.  This updated information will be available shortly on the relevant partners’ pages.

New organisations will sign up to either F3(a) or F3(b).  Organisations signing up to F3(a), will just provide a delivery plan in which they confirm when they met this pledge.  They will not be asked to provide annual updates.  Organisations signing up to F3(b) will provide delivery plans and annual updates on their progress until they have completed this work and can transfer to part (a).

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