ASDA to cut 3.25 billion calories from own-brand drinks by 2015

Responsibility Deal partners Asda have committed to reduce added sugar by 22% across a range of own-brand soft drinks. This equates to the removal of 3.25 billion calories and 814.2 tonnes of sugar from its products.

ASDA company nutritionist Hayley Marson said:

“We are continually looking at ways to make it easier for our shoppers to make healthy choices, while still preserving the great taste that our customers know and love.  Today marks an important milestone in our work to find new ways to make our products healthier.”

This work is part of Public Health England’s New Year Change for Life ‘Sugar Swaps’ campaign, but it also builds on the work they have already done on reformulation as part of the Responsibility Deal’s calorie reduction pledge.

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said: “This is an excellent step forward to encourage people to choose healthier drinks. I welcome this move and encourage other businesses to follow suit.”

Read Asda’s press release.

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