Responsibility Deal Food Network – New salt targets: F9 Salt Reduction 2017 pledge & F10 Out of Home Salt reduction pledge

The Food Network has today made two new pledges on salt reduction available online. The first, F9 Salt Reduction 2017, is a new set of salt reduction targets that will challenge industry to reduce further the amount of salt in 76 categories of food by 2017 and replaces the previous F2 pledge. The second, F10 Out of Home Salt Reduction, is a new set of targets for the out of home sector covering the 10 most popular high street dishes and children’s meals. Both pledges commit businesses to support and enable people to consume less salt through reformulating a wide range of foods to reduce salt levels present.

Work on salt reduction has been ongoing for a number of years, and adult daily intakes have already been reduced by 15% between 2001 and 2011. However, at 8.1g these are still higher than the maximum target daily intake of 6g for adults (children’s intakes should be lower). A high salt intake increases the risk of high blood pressure which in turn increases the chance of having a heart attack or stroke. Reducing population salt intakes by just 1g prevents 4147 premature deaths and will save the NHS £288 million each year.

By making these targets and pledges available now, companies can start working towards the new targets and sign up to the new pledges. By doing so they will help to keep the momentum on salt reduction and continue movement towards the 6g daily intake goal.

Further information on how to deliver on these pledges is available.

Note: The new F9 pledge replaces the F2 pledge. The F5 catering pledges remain active.

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