Local partners

There are a range of simple, effective actions which local businesses can take to support their customers and employees to make healthier choices.  Working with the Local Government Association, Public Health England and a range of stakeholders, the Department of Health has developed a toolkit which sets out menus of actions for different types of local business:

Please note that the above are for information only – you can sign up using the forms below.

Menus L2 and L3 refer to guidance developed for different types of food businesses:

Case studies showing how other local businesses have taken similar steps are available.

Another toolkit, developed by Cities Institute at London Metropolitan University to support public health officers working to encourage healthier catering amongst fast food takeaways in low-income communities, is also available.

Local businesses may choose to sign up to the national Public Health Responsibility Deal as local partners. The benefits of signing up nationally include:

  • a certificate and letter from the Secretary of State for Health
  • promotion through the national Responsibility Deal website
  • opportunities to network with other organisations at Responsibility Deal network events

Local partners are asked to sign up to the Responsibility Deal’s five core commitments and indicate which activities from the menu of actions they were planning to undertake.

At the end of April every year they would be asked to provide a brief free text update setting out what they achieved in the previous year using the Responsibility Deal website.

Local authorities and other organisations

Local authorities and other organisations may use this toolkit to engage local businesses in creating an environment which supports staff and customers to make healthy choices.  Local authorities might develop new local schemes or extend existing local schemes.

Case studies showing how local authorities and other organisations with local networks have taken similar steps are available.

Alternatively or in addition to running their own scheme, local authorities may wish to support local businesses to sign up to the national Public Health Responsibility Deal as local partners (see above).

Local authorities can also sign up to the Public Health Responsibility Deal as a national partner, committing to engage local business, through pledge S1. Local authorities may also wish to consider signing up to pledges on the health of their own workforce or on physical activity.

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