Request for full audit reports of the High Peak abattoir

Last updated:
14 February 2013
The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is publishing the full audit reports for the High Peak abattoir (approved plant number 4185) as a result of a request handled under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

The FSA has responsibility for the enforcement of food hygiene regulations in meat premises in Great Britain that require veterinary control and the approval of these premises. The current risk-based auditing system came into place on 1 January 2006, following the introduction of new food hygiene legislation.

Audit reports are produced following visits by the FSA to assess food safety management systems and compliance with regulations in approved slaughterhouses and cutting plants. These reports also provide guidance for food business operators to help ensure they meet their responsibilities for complying with legal requirements. The FSA audit standards range through good, adequate, weak and poor.

Under section 30 of the Freedom of Information Act (investigations and proceedings), information relating to non-compliance with legislation have been removed from the audit reports. In addition, a small amount of information has been withheld under section 31 (law enforcement), section 40 (as personal information, i.e. people’s names), under section 38 (as harmful to health and safety) and under section 43 (prejudice to commercial interests).

The FSA routinely publishes the audit scores for approved slaughterhouses and cutting plants at the link below.

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