Intervention protocol

Last updated:
12 January 2015
The FSA needs to ensure that all food business operators of approved meat establishments are complying with legal requirements and taking responsibility for the production of safe meat. We direct resources to non-compliant establishments that are using non-compliances identified during our official control activities.

These official control activities are:

  • results of food business operators audits
  • findings from unannounced inspections (these inspections include routine inspections and investigating complaints)
  • establishment-level inspection and audit findings (serious deficiencies or where evidence of repeated stoppage exists)

The protocol includes a process for recommending the prompt withdrawal of approvals as the ultimate sanction for poor performance by a food business operator. This would be done while taking an open and transparent approach to informing food business operators about what the FSA is doing and why, in accordance with risk-based assessment methodology.

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