Milk hygiene: a practical guide for producers

A practical guide to help milk producers achieve the standards of hygiene required to conform to legislation that applies to milk production holdings.

About this guide

Applies to England and Wales

This information is for:

  • farmers and growers

Legal status:

Shaded boxes in the guide contain advice on best practice. All other areas are considered regulatory.

About the guide

The European Union food hygiene legislation, which came into effect on 1 January 2006, set out more clearly the duty of food businesses to produce food safely and to achieve consistency. It covers the whole food chain from farm to fork. Key elements of the previous dairy hygiene legislation are retained, such as those relating to the health and cleanliness of the animals, hygiene during milking and controls on raw drinking milk.

The simple and practical dairy hygiene booklet, which can be found at the link below, has been produced to reflect the change in delivery of official controls and aims to assist you, and other milk producers, to achieve the standards of hygiene required to conform with the legislation, as it applies to milk production holdings. Each section clearly identifies the specific requirements of the regulations. Any advice included in a (blue) shaded box is considered best practice and, although not entirely enshrined in legislation, it offers you further assurance to compliance.

A new Dairy Diary has been included to help you document and maintain effective records, which will aid you in producing safer food, which will minimise the risks to your business and the consumer.