Meat hygiene official controls cost data

Information on the costs of delivering meat hygiene official controls in meat premises in England and Wales for the financial year 2017/18. This information will enable anyone with an interest in this area to see the breakdown of costs and understand how charges to industry are calculated.

About the cost data

The figures are shown in two categories covering the costs of meat hygiene inspectors (MHIs) and official veterinarians (OVs). The total costs are divided by the number of hours worked to calculate an hourly charge-out rate for MHIs and OVs.

These charge-out rates are used to determine the monthly bill for each meat plant, although the vast majority of plants currently have their bills discounted so they do not pay the full rate.

Indirect costs

The 2017/18 process to identify the proportion of indirect costs that relate to the meat official controls followed the same procedure as previous years. This process has been developed by the Agency's finance department, and has been subject to an external audit by RSM.

Who pays the costs?

At present, part of the cost is charged to the industry, with the remainder being paid by the FSA and other parts of government.